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Code of Conduct


CIR research personnel have the RIGHT to:

1. Be respected.

2. A safe and secure environment.

3. Remove you from this study or exclude you from participating in future

CIR studies:

- If there are major violations of the Code of Conduct.

- If your participation poses undue risk to yourself or others.

- For other reasons as explained in the study consent form.

4. Notify Johns Hopkins Security or other enforcement agencies of

threatening behavior or other reportable incidents.

CIR research personnel have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

1. Respect volunteers and others.

2. Provide a welcoming environment.

3. Keep the Center a clean and safe environment.

4. Manage the research project.

5. Ensure the safety and well-being of volunteers.

6. Keep volunteers informed of any new information that may affect

participation in the study.

7. Enforce the Code of Conduct

You have the RIGHT to:

1. Be respected.

2. Be informed of processes and procedures.

3. Feel safe at the center.

4. Have your privacy protected.

5. Withdraw from a study at any time for any reason.

 You Have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

1. Inform research study personnel if you need to leave the Center prior to

completing a visit.

2. Assist in keeping the Center a safe place for everyone. NO illegal drugs,

weapons, alcohol or any items which may present a threat for harm or

abuse. This includes knives, switchblades and guns.

3. Respect fellow volunteers and staff & their personal property.

4. Secure personal property. CIR personnel are not responsible for theft or

loss of personal property.

5. NOT smoke inside the Center or come to the Center while under the

influence of drugs, alcohol or any mind-altering substances.

6. Use respectful language and settle disagreements calmly.

7. Exercise courtesy when using cell phones:

- Put the phone on ‘vibrate’ or ‘silent’ mode during visits.

- Place and answer calls in private areas.

- Avoid any use of phones during study procedures.

8. Ensure people accompanying you comply with the Center rules:

- Individuals over the age of 12 must remain in the reception area.

- Younger children must remain with an adult. 

9. Comply with the Code of Conduct.